Network & Telco Services

As your trusted IT and telecom advocate, we speak the language of telecom and can help your business strategize, source, and implement the best carrier services solution for your business.

Almost every business needs to support communications across multiple locations, collaboration for a remote workforce, or connectivity to cloud service providers and hosted services — a fast and reliable data and internet network is a necessity.

The telecommunications landscape can be confusing, time consuming, and unnecessarily expensive if you don't make the right decisions. With so many options from customer managed VPN, carrier managed private IP network, to SD-WAN, how is a customer supposed to know what direction to go? Partnering with the wrong carrier can lead to a misunderstanding of your requirements and escalating costs.

CSI will:

  • Assess your current infrastructure and future needs for headcount, bandwidth, service types, service level agreements, classes of service, geographic coverage, and more
  • Recommend the right technologies and topologies that will best satisfy those needs, like ethernet, MPLS, SD-WAN, and private lines
  • Match providers against those assessments and recommendations that take into account market trends, emerging technologies, and areas of competitive differentiation among carrier candidates
  • Negotiate with providers on your behalf and work with selected providers to achieve a successful network roll out within the shortest possible timeframe
  • Provide continued life-cycle support with one of the best back office support teams in the industry

Whether the choice is MPLS, VPLS, Broadband, SD-WAN or private line service, CSI has the knowledge and technology partners to bring the best solution forward. We make sure the network options you choose provides the capabilities you need while keeping costs on budget.