Data Center

Colocation, managed hosting, and hybrid cloud options can improve your operations.

Data centers are an integral part of the enterprise, designed to support business applications and provide services such as:

  • Data storage, management, backup, and recovery
  • Productivity applications, such as email
  • High-volume e-commerce transactions
  • Powering online gaming communities
  • Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Data centers have evolved significantly in recent years. As enterprise IT needs continue to move toward on-demand services, data center infrastructure has shifted from on-premise servers to virtualized infrastructure that supports workloads across pools of physical infrastructure and multi-cloud environments. There is an expression these days: The modern data center is where your workloads are.

Many organizations choose to outsource some or all their data center operations in order to decrease costs, ensure business continuity, and reduce complexity. But partnering with the wrong data center can lead to broken applications, operational issues, poor technical support, and lost data.

Whether the choice is colocation, managed hosting, hybrid cloud, or for any type of data center need, CSI has the knowledge and technology partners to bring the best solution forward. We make sure the data center options you choose provides the capabilities you need and ensure to keep costs on budget.