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Basic Centrex
Offers more than 25 of the most popular standard line features for one flat, monthly fee, including the ability to:

  • Redirect calls when an employee leaves the office
  • Call within your office quickly without tying up outside lines
  • Connect three people on one line for easy conference decision-making
  • Give outside callers a direct line to the employees they need to reach

Electronic Key Centrex
Offers all the Basic Centrex features, plus:

  • The ability for electronic key sets to be used on your lines, with display of the name of the person calling within your AT&T® Centrex group
  • Easy-to-use access to advanced features with the touch of a button - no need to memorize complicated codes

Some available features are:

  • Three-Way Conference Calling - Enables users to improve business efficiency by connecting up to three parties on a single line. Employees can discuss issues and make decisions in "real time," thereby reducing delays of multiple calls and "telephone tag."
  • Speed Calling - Gives users the option to preprogram numbers that can quickly be re-dialed using an access code, saving time when dialing frequently used numbers.
  • Usage Billing by Line Number - Helps manage costs by showing which lines are incurring message units or toll charges. If your company receives a large monthly phone bill that takes hours to sort and analyze, we offer AT&T® DETAILS®. A Windows® -based software program, AT&T® DETAILS helps you analyze your billing data, generate reports and track usage trends within your organization.
  • Hunting Arrangements - Enables users to redirect incoming calls from busy lines through a sequence of lines until an idle one is found. Hunting helps improve your customer service by increasing the chances that customers will reach personnel when they call. If no lines are open, calls go to voice mail (if available) or a busy signal is provided.



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