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Business Long Distance

Much of your mission-critical business communications takes place on your voice network and it is simply good business to have the best voice service. AT&T® Business Long Distance outbound calling capability provides for the completion of US calls via AT&T®'s network.

  • 24-hour end-to-end network monitoring and disaster avoidance, providing an exceptional 99.99% uptime
  • Long distance calling backed by centrally managed customer service operations
  • Crisp, fast connections to the AT&T® network— the most advanced, self-healing fiber-optic network

AT&T®'s toll-free services can extend business reach, enhance customer service and provide essential business continuity solutions. It can be a key differentiator for a contact center today. Understanding the options available, and the power of advanced, network-based offerings, can help any contact center maximize it's effectiveness. And with multiple service options to choose from, you can create a toll-free service plan specifically to your company's needs.


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Business Long Distance/Toll Free