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AT&T is among the strongest performers of enterprise-class Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service providers.

Voice over IP

AT&T® is the only provider that supports all three of the major IP PBX vendors today: Avaya, Cisco and Nortel.

This multi-vendor support is a critical consideration for enterprises that want to realize the many advantages of VoIP while protecting the investement that they already made in voice calling systems.




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AT&T® and VoIP

AT&T® Voice over IP (VoIP) converges your voice and data communications on one network-helping you take advantage of more effective ways to satisfy your customers.

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AT&T® and VoIP.

AT&T® Managed
Router with VoIP

AT&T® will take care of the design, implementation and management of your IP-based voice/data solution. Deploy the latest messaging applications, interactive Call Centers and web-enabled VoIP with AT&T®.

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Managed Router with VoIP.

VoIP Virtual
Telephone Numbers

Virtual Telephone Numbers separate the phone number from its geographic location. VoIp allows you to have telephone numbers in a desired area code regardless of where the phone is physically located.

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virtual telephone numbers.

AT&T® VoIP FlexReach

AT&T® IP Flexible Reach is a managed Voice over IP communication solution that supports inbound and outbound calling on your data network giving you local, U.S. long distance and international reach for your U.S. sites.

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AT&T® VoIP FlexReach.

Critical Steps to VoIP

Deploying a real-time application like VoIP across a network designed for data presents unique challenges for network managers.

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AT&T® Voice DNA service is a network-based communications solution that utilizes AT&T®’s industry leading global Internet Protocol (IP) network to deliver enhanced communication and collaboration tools.

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VoIP and Security

As businesses converge their voice and data networks to support
their business applications, new security challenges are introduced.
Integration of automated business functions and real-time collaboration
– while great for productivity – increase risk and exposure.

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VoIP and security.