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We help companies deploy data/managed services to increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Voice Services

Our data services link applications, departments,
remote facilities and business partners to ensure
rapid, efficient communication.

Since no two organizations are alike, AT&T® offers a variety of services to meet a variety of volume, bandwidth and budget requirements. Not sure which one is right for you? Together, we'll find the right private line solution for your business - whatever its size.

The Reliable Network
Your network isn't something you should have to worry about. It should just work. When you choose AT&T® to connect your business, you choose a network that achieves and maintains an overall performance objective of 99.9% reliability. This is made possible through advancements in our digital technology, round-the-clock monitoring,  a fault-tolerant design and our commitment to put customer needs first.

Do Business With a Leader
Whatever your network demands, you can count on AT&T® for attentive service, seasoned expertise and vast resources to help keep your business operating at maximum efficiency. These qualities are what make us a leader. To all our valued customers throughout the world, we offer the reliable digital private line services that you expect from a leader in the telecommunications industry.



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Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a switched digital network service that allows the customer to consolidate many applications including voice, data, and video onto a single facility from the central office to the customer's premises. ISDN offers speed and quality, as well as a myriad of features and capabilities.
Learn more about ISDN PRI.

Private Line/TI/DS3/SONET

AT&T® Local Private Line Service offers multiple Ethernet speeds utilizing SONET technology. Mix and match your bandwidth needs across the same communication path.
Learn more about Private Line/T1/DS3/SONET. [PDF]


Integrated Access

AT&T®'s toll-free services can extend business reach, enhance customer service and provide essential business continuity solutions. And with multiple service options to choose from, you can create a toll-free service plan specifically to your company's needs.
Learn more about Integrated Access.


AT&T®'s Local Asynchronous Transfer Mode Services addresses a variety of needs from integrating today's legacy network traffic, to supporting new collaborative computing, distance learning, imaging, groupware, video-conferencing and other multimedia-rich applications.
Learn more about ATM. [PDF]

Frame Relay

AT&T® Local Frame Relay Service is a data network offering which provides customers with a fast and reliable end-to-end solution.
Learn more about Frame Relay.


AT&T®'s OPT-E-MAN is a simple
and cost-effective solution for
network connectivity. With OPT-
E-MAN information can travel at speeds of 10Mbps to 1 Gbps to multiple locations.
Learn more about OPT-E-MAN. [PDF]