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As an AT&T 5-Star Solution Provider, we offer a full range of AT&T products and services to meet your telecommunication needs.

Products and Services

Solutions for each unique business
with world-class reliability.

CSI works directly with AT&T® providing a single point of contact for adds, moves, changes and repairs for your communication services as well as handle any billing issues that you may have with your AT&T® bill. Utilizing CSI for your communication needs provides you with timely solutions and excellent customer service and support.



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As an AT&T® Solutions Provider Champion, CSI offers a full range of AT&T® products and services. Just fill out the request a quote form for AT&T® products and services.


Voice Services

     bullet Access Lines

     bullet Centrex

     bullet Feature Link

     bullet Business Long Distance/Toll Free

     bullet ISDN PRI

Internet Services/
Managed Internet Service

     bullet AT&T® and MIS
          bullet Internet Protect
          bullet AT&T® VoIP with MIS
          bullet Redefining and
            Simplifying SLA's

     bullet AT&T® DSL Internet Service

          bullet AT&T® DSL Matrix

Data/Managed Services

     bullet ISDN PRI

     bullet Frame Relay

     bullet Integrated Access

     bullet Private Line/T1/DS3/Sonet

     bullet ATM

     bullet OPT-E-MAN

     bullet GigaMAN

Voice Over IP

     bullet AT&T® VoIP FlexReach

     bullet VoIP DNA

     bullet AT&T® Managed Router with

     bullet AT&T® VoIP with
       Managed Internet Service

     bullet Critical Steps to VoIP

     bullet VoIP and Security

     bullet VoIP Virtual Telephone Numbers

IP Services/IP VPN

     bullet Network Based VPN

          bullet Enhanced VPN (EVPN)

          bullet MPLS PNT

               bullet Making transition to MPLS

               bullet Enabling Convergence

               bullet Network IP Time is Now

               bullet MPLS Providing

                 Connectivity when and
                 where you need it
               bullet MPLS: A Strategic
               bullet Redefining and Simplifying
                 Service Level Agreements
          bullet IP Enabled Frame Relay/ATM