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We work directly with AT&T to provide a single point of contact for questions, repairs, additions, and changes.

About Us

As an AT&T® Solution Provider Champion, CSI
can offer your company a full range of AT&T®
products and services.

CSI works directly with AT&T® providing a single point of contact for adds, moves, changes and repairs for your communication services as well as handle any billing issues that you may have with your AT&T® bill. Utilizing CSI for you communication needs provides you with timely solutions, excellent customer services, and world-class support.
Learn about the benefits of using an AT&T® Solution Provider Champion.

Solution Provider Program

AT&T® depends on solution providers to work directly with you as a single point of contact for your communication needs. CSI was selected to become an AT&T® solution provider after a review of its experience, capabilities, and qualifications. CSI has access to training, tools, and a direct link to AT&T® products and programs support. This supports our ability to provide a comprehensive analysis of your communications needs and implement appropriate solutions for your business. CSI was chosen to be an AT&T® representative and should not be confused with resellers in the telecommunications market. The expertise of CSI teamed with the technology and resources of AT&T®, will help meet your current and future communications requirements.

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Solution Provider Service :

  • Provision end-to-end data solutions that package AT&T® network services with the
    highest quality, customer-
    based equipment.
  • Reduce costs through volume calling plans that offer attractive discounts and the security of guaranteed rates for the life of your contract.
  • Provide billing analysis capability that enables you to better manage your telecommunications spending.
  • Save your business time and money by offering comprehensive single-source solutions for everything from call centers and videoconferencing rooms to services that will manage all of your voice, data and video communications